We are a therapist-owned independent Physical Therapy practice.

For nearly three decades, South Pacific has been helping patients regain independence after damage caused by accidents, job-related injuries, disease or the debilitating results of aging.

Physicians, health maintenance organizations and insurance companies refer their patients to us. These professionals trust us to provide optimal care in a minimal amount of time.

We are successful because we personalize treatment to the patient's needs.

At South Pacific, we focus on helping patients reach their fullest potential in the shortest possible time. We succeed because treatment is tailored to each patient's particular needs.

The majority of our patients respond so favorably to the individualized treatment that they require only the minimum number of prescribed sessions. In many cases, their progress is advanced enough after several treatments that we can give them an effective home treatment program.

Therapists work with patients on a one-to-one basis, carefully explaining the treatment before therapy begins. They provide every patient with a detailed explanation of his or her therapy, including how long it may take, what to expect during treatment and what kind of realist results to expect.